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If you tell someone an explosion was felt the world over, they'll ask you what caused it. If you start describing any aspect of history they'll bring to mind a picture of the world; at least, if they're anything like me.

Before Fusion, many people hadn't quite accepted the map of the world. We can't say categorically that everyone felt the detonation of the fusion bomb; some people may well have been lying on their backs with their eyes closed. The hypothesis that the Western world was united by this event, for no-one therefore being able to argue that landing on the moon was not a noble goal, is to be compared with the hypothesis that the non-Western world, which was not united at all, by planting a flag on the moon would make the world subject to her.

The pockets of the world were opened to America with the thought of a Moon ticket becoming available in due course. Subsequent to the planting of the flag, those nations who has ostensibly been competing with her, allowed themselves to focus their energies on stabilizing themselves.

If you've designed yourself a rocket, you might as well keep the factories going, just enough so as not to lose the capabilities that cost you so much.

There are various ways of interpreting history. Some might suggest that a married astronaut, just like a married soldier, feels less and less comfortable the further away he is from home. In this view of things, the astronauts were only doing their jobs, and in private interviews would've admitted that they would much rather have been at home watching tv with their wives.

And then there would've been a problem because the establishing of a Moon base, which precedes the having of a Moon ticket, would be squashed for no-one being willing to live there, with the thought of only returning at the convenience of their employer.

As to husbands and wives being given the opportunity, we would firstly need to setup a maternity ward, wouldn't we?

Or perhaps, at this stage, discussions about contingency plans were shut down, for that with each successive mission the viewership figures were declining.

Not looking to why they had the pockets of the world, the American public started demanding that they get all the luxuries of life.

And so an artist was hired to make a good looking space vehicle.

Put not your trust in earthly things.

Hindsight makes us look utter fools who got excited about the Shuttle launches. Technology, right up to the present day, amounts to little more than cosmetic make up and perfume.

But the little is enough for me.