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I prefer to avoid the specific mention of places, simply because of my knowledge of thought patterns; I must name Hillcrest, however, because this is where I first experienced independence.

I use the word Hillcrest to refer to a number of surrounding areas as well. Growing up we knew there were definite delineations between the areas in terms of house-hold income. Such delineations lead people to insist that they come from this or that place which is not to be referred to as part of the Greater Hillcrest area. The reason that another term was coined to refer to the area instead of this one, has much to do with the why I wish never to see it again.

In fact, it may so be that being able to assert this is the why I mention the place at all.

This is a very experimental website, which I change on a whim; you may consider them thoughts from the Upper Killtheworld Area.